Highway - Road Track 24 Pieces

£50.40 £56.00

Puzzle like road segments offer children the flexibility to make up their own road, encouraging inventiveness, problem solving skills and creativity. All the road pieces are sourced, made and shaped in Germany from 100% child safe and durable PVC.

The waytoplay Highway road set is a larger beginner set with 24 roads segments that allows children to start taking their play to the next level with even more pieces and patterns to make their creations come to life. 
Great set for children who have established fine motor skills and want to start building bigger and more complex play designs.

Contains - 12 curves, 8 straights, 2 intersections and 2 roundabouts. 376cm in total length.

• Flexible, waterproof and durable.
• Can be used inside or outside.
• Encourages imaginative play.
• Free of any toxic ingredients.
• Soft and easy to assemble.

• Great to combine with other toys.

Compliant with highest Toy Test Norms in Europe, USA, Japan and China. (EN71, Reach and CCC)

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