Little Dutch

Wooden Doll Bed And Bedding

$47.00 $53.00

Say “night night” to your sweet doll. Tuck your favourite doll in, give a kiss and don’t forget the bedtime story. This cute little bed is designed to help you care for your doll just like a real parent. Children love to mimic their parents and pretend to be a mum or dad by caring for their dolls and cuddle toys.

Role play fosters creativity and imagination and this doll’s bed is a perfect toy to encourage that. It’s made from sturdy wood and to make it extra comfy for dolls it comes with a pillow, blanket and sheet in the lovely flowers and butterflies design. Is it Anna, with matching flowers and butterflies skirt, Sophia or Jake that your little one will choose to sleep in this adorable doll bed.

Materials - Sustainable Harvested wood.
Recommended Age - 3 Years Plus.
43cm x 27.5cm x 31.5cm.

Responsibly Sourced Materials and Sustainable Harvested Wood

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