Little Dutch

Blue Workbench and Accessories

$125.00 $157.00

Let's fix it. With this workbench you can fix and repair just about anything you can imagine. Grab your tools and start constructing. Build a car, a motorcycle or your own creation by simply connecting parts together.
Toddlers love to copy their parents and this workbench allows them to create, construct and build objects, just like adults. An engaging activity for children to screw, saw and twist pieces together and take them apart, ready to start again. It inspires role play, creativity, motor skills and imagination. It will surely keep your little one busy for a while.
The sturdy wooden workbench in modern colours creates a wonderful play area in a kids' room but will look great in a living room too.
The workbench has a storage rack with 4 gears, a chalkboard for the to do list, two storage bins and a vice. It comes with a set of 55 parts that includes nuts and bolts, screws, panels, wheels and essential tools such as a hammer, saw, screwdriver, a leveller, ruler and wrench.

Height 86cm.

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