Little Dutch

6 in 1 Puzzles Game Sailors Bay

£10.36 £12.95

From sailboat to seagull. A total of 6 harbour-themed puzzles in one set will keep your little one busy. They are a great educational toy for kids as it enhances fine motor skills and develops basics skills such as problem-solving, shape recognition and patience. All puzzles are beautifully illustrated and have 3, 4, or 5 pieces.

Made from sturdy cardboard, each piece is perfectly shaped and sized for little hands. Recommended for kids above 2 years.

Sustainable Harvested paper, card board.

Recommended Age - 2 Years plus
Height 5.5 cm x Width 21.5 cm x Depth 21.5 cm.

Responsibly Sourced Materials and Sustainable Harvested Wood

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