Gary Puzzle Cube Safari / Golden Caramel Multi Mix

£30.00 £48.00

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PUZZLE CUBE WITH SAFARI THEME. Great for learning how to grab and match objects. It is a cube version of the Midas Puzzle Box but with two more blocks. The lid has hinges and can open like a box

Box: H 15 cm W 15 cm L 15 cm Square: H 3,6 cm W 3,6 cm D 3,6 cm Star: W 5 cm D 3,6 cm Circle: W 4,5 cm D 3,6 cm Exagon: W 4,6 cm D 3,6 cm Triangle: H 4,1 cm W 4,7 cm D 3,6 cm Oval: W 3,5 cm L 5 cm D 3,6 cm

Beech wood

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