Kids Concept

Walker Dark Apricot

£50.30 £55.90
A baby walker in wood. Baby walkers are the perfect support for babies that just started learning to walk but also works as a toy in itself and to place other toys in and drive around, even for slightly older children. The handle of the walker can be positioned in two ways:

Straight up position is to be used when you want the walker to be more stable and the child has just recently started to walk and need more support.

When the child is growing and can walk steady, you can decide to move the handle to be more angled and use it as a normal wagon.

The break can be adjusted with the small screws on the back wheels. Use a small normal screwdriver. When you screw it in, the wheels are rotating slower. This is suitable for smaller children so they can stand and slowly push the vehicle forward.

Length 44cm, Width 29cm, Height 45.5cm

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