Brico'kids Diy Barrel - 50 Pieces

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Barrel of 50 accessories to create as many vehicles as you want. A plane, motorbike... Composed of 7 washers diameter 58x8mm.
2 wooden planks (4 holes) 230x30x6mm.
8 wooden planks (3 holes) 170x30x6mm.
4 wooden planks (2 holes) 100x30x6mm.
12 hexagonal nuts 34x30x15mm.
3 square nuts 30x30x30mm.
4 bolts 34x65mm.
8 screws diameter 24x65mm.
1 screwdriver 140x20x26mm.
1 spanner 155x50x10mm.
Wood - Chinese cherry (bolts, screws, cubes, spanner and screwdriver), MDF (grey rings), Plywood (planks). Closed barrel. Standard painting.
Size - 18.5cm x 18.5cm x 21.0cm. Age - 3 Years Plus.

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