16 Lucky Charms To Make

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Create your jewellery with real stones by choosing them for their colour or for their meaning. This creative kit allows you to make 16 bracelets and necklaces made of real stones.

Children can follow the steps detailed in the step by step booklet to make each jewellery design. But they will be able to choose the stones they prefer, depending on their mood and to bring them luck according to their current situation, or to give them self confidence. It is of course possible to combine them for jewellery with multiple effects. Other accessories complete this set for even more style, pearls, vials, coloured thread.

This creative activity helps develop fine motor skills and creativity and takes around 8 hours to make the 16 pieces of jewellery.
Size - 25.5cm x 4.0cm x 21.0cm. Age - 8 Years Plus.

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