Wooden Shapes and Colours Building Blocks

£85.05 £94.50

5 stacking wooden frames, with 70 pieces, 7 colours and 5 different geometric forms.This comprehensive building set offers endless building opportunities and creative fun. Children can learn as they play and discover different geometric properties.
Ideal for Nursery and groups of young children. For example, each child or group chooses a colour and builds a house until a small colourful city of houses is created.

5 stackable wooden frames with 70 blocks in total in different shapes - triangles, cubes and cuboid, cylinder and plates.

Made from - Sustainable Harvested Wood. Lime wood, non-toxic water based colour stain.
Dimensions - Frame Length 31 cm. Single block Length 1 to 8 cm.

Recommend Age - 3 Years Plus.

Sustainable Harvested Wood, Made to Last, and Hand Crafted

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