Small World Play In The Woods

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A whole world of open ended play in a box - Small World Play In the Woods is an ideal starter set and contains selected parts from various play sets in the Grimm's range. It offers an exciting mix to immerse yourself in and get acquainted with. Special features are the two different shaped pebbles, the two sizes of rollers and the cottage with extra holes for decorating. Lots of fun, creative play activities such as - building worlds, acting out stories, making faces and figures, integrating natural treasures, construct marble runs, decorate seasonal tables, threading beads, stack towers.
We invite everyone to experience a connection with nature and encourage nature-based play. Why not take your toys outside to play or to take objects found outside and integrate them into play. We think nature is a great playground and offers wonderful play material.

Contains - 5-piece cottage, 2 friends, 2 pebbles, 2 rollers, 4 beads, 1 string, 2 plates, 1 felt
Dimensions - Cottage Height 15 cm.

Recommend Age - 3 Years Plus.

Made to Last and Hand Crafted

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