Natural Building Block Set - Stairway

£80.06 £88.95

This unusual building set made of oiled alder wood catches the eye with its beautiful and unique grain. With the 19 building blocks, there are many individual natural characteristics to discover, such as the different grain. This is an ideal starter construction set with a few large and solid parts that can be assembled into sturdy and stable structures. These are reminiscent of castles or medieval cities. Large windows and gate openings are easily created, but also trickier constructions that will challenge older builders. Have fun discovering the countless combination of possibilities that arise from connecting the individual parts.
19 building blocks with felt in wooden frame.

Made from - Sustainable Harvested Wood.
Dimensions - Frame Length 44.5 cm, Block Width 4 cm.

Recommend Age - 3 Years Plus.

Sustainable Harvested Wood, Made to Last, and Hand Crafted

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