Box Of 24 Colouring Brush Pens

$27.00 $30.00

Colour outside the lines with this Box of 24 Colouring Brush Pens. Perfect for a DIY project or just a rainy afternoon, this case has all the colour you need, in an elegant design. Ready, set, shade away!

A beautiful set of 24 coloured brush pens in a wooden box. Perfect for young children to discover the technique of colouring with felt markers. The wide body of the pens makes them easy for little hands to hold and the combination of ultra pigmented ink and a flexible tip, gives brilliant colourful results. A great gift for budding young artists.Recommended Age - 5 Years Plus.

Dimensions - 26.0cm x 20.0cm x 4.0cm.

• Contains 1 colouring case, 24 felt tip pens.
• Customisable case with an illustrated design on both sides to colour in.
• A wide range of colours available in 24 different shades.
• Highly pigmented felt tip pens.
• Washable ink.

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