Tinyly Miss Lilyruby Removable Stickers

£5.84 £6.49

Lilyruby's wardrobe, perfect for discovering the new world of the Tinyly, a realm full of sweetness and fantasy. Dress and create your own Tinyly doll by inventing outfits made from 40 reusable vinyl stickers. The little notebook opens to reveal the doll to be dressed.

Recommended Age - 4 Years Plus.

• Contains - cardboard booklet and 4 sheets of reusable vinyl stickers (11.5 x 15.5 cm).
• 8 refined, fanciful and poetic outfits to make you dream, from 4 years old.
• 5 wardrobe sheets with specific shapes to store clothes, shoes and accessories by sticking them on.

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