Paper Dolls To Dress Up

$17.00 $19.00

Calling all fashionistas this is the play set for you. Children can play at being stylists, and have fun dressing up 3 friends using the one hundred items of clothing and accessories in their well stocked wardrobe. The perfect way to mix and match styles for hours of fun.

Recommended Age - 6 Years Plus.

• Contains - 3 cardboard dolls (23 cm tall), over 100 pre cut items of clothing and accessories (paper), 1 box with storage compartments.
•  Over 100 items of clothing and accessories for creating endless different outfits.
• A big box with compartments for putting everything away.
• 3 mannequin dolls (23 cm tall) made of thick, sturdy cardboard.
• Sustainable Harvested Paper and card.

Sustainable Harvested Wood

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