Mosaic Craft Set - Lovely Pets

$17.00 $19.00

A set to learn the art of mosaic by decorating the outfits of these adorable animals. 4 designs to be completed with small pieces of glittery foam that work like stickers. The child locates the numbers and sticks the corresponding pieces to the correct place on the board. As the designs fill up, the cute animals come to life.

Recommended Age - 5 Years Plus.

Dimensions - 20.0cm x 20.0cm.

• Contains - 4 illustrated cards, 12 sheets of self adhesive glittery foam pieces, 1 booklet with step by step explanations in colour.
• Introduction to the art of mosaic.
• Adhesive foam pieces that are used like stickers.
• A glittery material to complement the designs.
• The numbers associated with the colours guide the child in their creations.
• An explanatory booklet details the activity step by step.

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