Do It Yourself Craft Set - Space Kaleidoscope

$17.00 $19.00

A complete creative craft set for making a space kaleidoscope. Children follow the instructions and assemble the pieces, then make patterns using the 50 plus accessories glow in the dark stars, disks illustrated with space ships, planets, etc.

Recommended Age - 7 Years Plus.

Dimensions - 4 cm x 21 cm.

• Contains - 1 illustrated tube, 3 mirrors, 1 container with lid, 1 lens, 1 set of tweezers, 11 illustrated disks, 1 storage box and an assortment of small accessories (50 pieces), 1 illustrated base for the kaleidoscope, 1 set of instructions.
• Easy assembly: the guide provides step by step instructions for making the item.
• An abundance of accessories with different shapes and textures for endless combinations.
• A storage box for the accessories and a base for the kaleidoscope are included.
• Sustainable Harvested Paper and card.

Sustainable Harvested Wood

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