Do It Yourself Craft Set - Colourful Pop Bracelets

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A beautiful craft set for creating all sorts of coloured bracelets from handmade paper beads. Children cut the patterned sheets into strips, which they roll around a stick and glue down. These beads can then be threaded onto the elastic cord with pompoms and stars to create pretty jewellery.

Recommended Age - 7 Years Plus.

• Contains - 20 sheets of patterned paper (19 x 19 cm), 6 wooden sticks, 6 elastic cords (3 blue and 3 pink), 6 star shaped pendants, 6 pompoms, 1 glue stick, 1 colour step by step instructions booklet.
• Makes over 400 beads – enough for dozens of bracelets.
• Includes charms and pompoms to make jewellery even prettier.
• An activity to enjoy solo or with others.
• Instructions provide step by step creative tips.
• Sustainable Harvested Paper and card.

Responsibly Sourced Materials and Sustainable Harvested Wood

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