Creativity Activities - The World Of Dinosaurs

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This amazing craft set contains 6 dinosaur activities to complete painting, drawing, collage, 3D models, scratch art cards and 3D scenes. There is something for everyone. Provides hours of fun crafting time, exploring different creative techniques and losing yourself in the exciting world of dinosaurs. All equipment is provided, so children can enjoy each activity as and when they are ready. Step by step instructions to guide their creations.

Recommended Age - 6 Years Plus.

• Contains - Painting. 1 card to paint (21 x 29.7 cm), 1 palette containing 8 pans of opaque watercolour paint and a brush. Scratch art cards. 4 shaped scratch art cards (15 x 21 cm) and 1 wooden stylus. DIY dinosaurs. 4 illustrated sheets (21 x 29.7 cm) of perforated cardboard pieces. Collages. 1 illustrated card (21 x 29.7 cm), double sided stickers, 4 sheets of foil. Drawing. 1 large illustrated card (63 x 29 cm), 13 foam stamps, 1 blue ink pad, 1 silver metallic gel pen. 3D scenes. 2 illustrated cards (15 x 21 cm), 2 sheets of perforated pieces, double sided stickers. 1 colour step by step instructions booklet.
• All sorts of projects for hours of crafting.
• 6 activities to try: painting, drawing, collage, scratch art cards, modelling, 3D scenes.
• All equipment and material provided.
• 1 detailed step by step instructions booklet.
• Sustainable Harvested Paper and Cardboard.

Sustainable Harvested Wood

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