Bingo Game - Dress Up

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Dress Up Bingo is a fun educational game. Children take pieces of clothing from the bag and place them on their board. The outfit and season don’t matter you just have to be the first to completely dress your character with a hat, top and bottom. There are all sorts of cool outfits to create.

Recommended Age - 3 Years Plus.

• Contains 6 character boards, 36 shaped pieces (6 hats, 6 tops, 6 bottoms, 12 shoes, 6 accessories) and 1 fabric bag. Game rules in 10 languages.
• Ideal for teaching children about the seasons using clothing.
• A collecting game designed for young children.
• Simple rules that are very easy to understand.
• Bright, quirky clothes for creating funny outfits.
• Sustainable Harvested Paper and card.

Responsibly Sourced Materials and Sustainable Harvested Wood

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