Artistic Strass Craft Set - Watery Waves

£12.14 £13.49

This set is for decorating 4 illustrated cards with all sorts of mini faceted diamonds in various shapes and colours. Each sheet of rhinestones matches a picture to be decorated. By following the step by step instructions, children gradually build a shiny 3D effect on the illustrated animals.

Recommended Age - 6 Years Plus.

Dimensions - 14.0cm x 16.0cm.

• 4 illustrated boards to be completed (140 x 160 mm), 1 assortment of over 600 adhesive rhinestones and 1 colour set of instructions.
• Over 600 rhinestones to accent the illustrations.
• Self adhesive gemstones in a variety of shapes and colours.
• Self adhesive rhinestones that are quick and intuitive to use.
• 1 step by step instruction booklet.

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