Artistic Plastic Keyring Craft Set - Kawaii

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This set allows children to create five key rings with adorable Kawaii characters from shrink plastic. To do this, they place the design under the transparent plastic shapes and copy the design with the coloured pencils. Once they go into the oven, the magic happens the figures shrink in just a few seconds, and the plastic becomes hard and thick. All you have to do is hang the creations on the coloured rings to create beautiful key rings.

Recommended Age - 6 Years Plus.


• 5 transparent magic plastic outlines to colour, 5 metal cables with screw fasteners, 5 connecting rings, 5 template boards, 6 mini coloured pencils, 1 step by step explanatory guide in colour.
• A spectacular activity: in the oven, the plastic shrinks and hardens in a few seconds.
• An easy to use keyring clip with screw fastener.
• Coloured pencils are included in the set.
• 1 detailed step by step instruction booklet.

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