Artistic Plastic Craft Set - Hair Accessories

$12.00 $13.00

With this set, children create hair jewellery using colourful shrink plastic. They can either cut out the shapes shown from the sheets provided or use the little pre prepared pieces, then put them together. Once they go into the oven, the figures shrink, and the plastic becomes thick and rigid. Then the accessories are ready to be used in beautiful hairstyles.

Recommended Age - 7 Years Plus.


• 2 sheets of coloured magic plastic, 25 perforated pieces of magic plastic, 3 chignon pins, 4 bobby pins, 2 fasteners, 2 hair bobbles, 1 pencil, 1 cardboard assembly block, 1 colour instruction booklet.
• Experiment with volume by creating 3D sculptures from a single sheet.
• 2 bonus sheets for creating and cutting out your own designs.
• Clever assembly systems.
• Magic plastic in 5 colours, including glittery gold.
• Step by step instructions provided.

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