Artistic Patch Craft Set - Fairyland

£10.79 £11.99

This set contains 12 fairy themed pictures for decorating with glue patches and glittery transfer sheets in a range of shimmering colours. Children choose a glue patch and stick it to a card of their choice. Next they choose a glittery transfer sheet, and place it on top of the glue patch. The shape of the patch takes on all the brightness and sparkle of the transfer.

Recommended Age - 6 Years Plus.

Dimensions - 14.0cm x 16.0cm.


• 12 illustrated cards (14 x 16 cm), 1 elastic closure sleeve containing 8 sheets of glue patches and 8 textured glittery transfer sheets (4 colours), 1 instructions booklet.
• 2 step design process: apply the glue patch, then place the glittery sheet on top to add the finishing touches to the illustrations.
• A fun and original, no mess activity.
• Little glue patches to stick onto the illustrated cards, or a notebook instead.
• A pretty storage pouch for storing the set on the go.
• The Artistic Patch range features all sorts of textures for even more fun.

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