Animambo Wooden Ukukele

$35.00 $39.00

A stunning 4 string ukulele designed for children with beautiful illustrations. Perfect as a stepping stone to the guitar, to help children aged 3 plus start enjoying music.

Recommended Age - 3 Years Plus.

Dimensions - 53.0cm x 17.0cm x 5.0cm.

• Contains 1 ukulele (wood, plastic), 2 spare strings (plastic), 1 pick.
• A beautifully illustrated 4 string ukulele.
• Includes 2 spare strings and 1 pick.
• Tuning instructions provided.
• Small size makes it a perfect stepping stone to the guitar to help children start enjoying music.
• Helps children start to appreciate music, learn to recognise sounds and develop their sense of rhythm.
• Sustainable Harvested Wood.

Sustainable Harvested Wood

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