Animambo Owl Calimba Instrument

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A beautifully illustrated kalimba made from wood and metal. This African instrument is a type of thumb piano that children can play different notes on. The perfect gift for young musicians. Ages 4 and above.

Recommended Age - 4 Years Plus.

Dimensions - 12.5cm x 15.2cm x 2.5cm.

• Contains 1 kalimba (wood, plastic and metal).
• A new, wonderfully illustrated take on a thumb piano.
• Harmonious sounds whatever the musician’s age.
• 8 notes to play.
• An instrument for starting to appreciate music, learning to recognise sounds, and developing children's sense of rhythm.
• Animambo, a colourful carnival where the animals go marching past with a fanfare.
• Sustainable Harvested Wood.

Made to Last and Sustainable Harvested Wood

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