Stac Scale Parking Garage


If you already own a few of the Candycar vehicles, this fully functional solid beech wood garage comes with 21 parking spots that magnetically hold your cars. The best part. They Stick to their own spot, are neatly aligned, and will stay put when the building is being moved.
The magnetic spots work with any generation of Candycar, whether it has a magnet tow base or not.

Scaled to work with the Candycar line. A step-by-step manual is also included to help with setup. Tools are required. Assembly time is roughly 10 - 15 minutes.
Cars not included. Food Trucks only work with top level of garage.

Made from - Solid Beech wood, water based paint, and clear urethane coat.

Recommended age - 3 Year Plus.

Length 61.0 cm x Width 26.0 cm x Height 26.0 cm.

Responsibly Sourced Materials

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