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Push Along Musical Roller

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A lovely wooden toy, the Sustainable Harvested Sustainable HarvestedPush Along Musical Roller is a playful way to encourage your child’s dexterity, mobility, and sensory development. As your tot pushes the musical roller along the ground, the bell swings around the wooden bars to create a charming musical sound.
The soft colour palette and triangle patterns stimulate little pairs of eyes, whilst the bell stimulates little pairs of ears. This brightly coloured musical roller is made from premium quality, sustainably sourced Sustainable Harvested Materials .
This means that for every tree harvested, another one is planted in its place or allowed to grow naturally. The wood is smooth (no splinters to worry about) and the paints used are child-friendly.

• Develops sensory skills.
• Made from Sustainable Harvested Materials .
• Lightweight at just 400 grams.
• Suitable from 1 Year Plus.
• Dimensions - 59.5cm x 15.5cm x 10.0cm.

Sustainable Harvested Wood and Responsibly Sourced Materials

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