Play And Go

Miffy Storage Bag / Playmat

$41.00 $46.00

Does Miffy really need an introduction? Everybody knows and loves this iconic little bunny! And now, you can even carry Miffy with you, anywhere you go. A fantastic collaboration between Play&Go and Miffy, to celebrate Miffy’s endless playfulness and curiosity and inspire your child to do the same.

We all know that feeling. Toys under the bed, on the floor, in the dog basket - but you still can't find that favourite toy. A 2-in-1 toy storage bag that doubles as a play mat is every child's dream. Toy storage is simple, and dolls, cars, balls and blocks can all be swiftly cleared away with one swing.

Made with high quality polycotton.

Diameter - 140 cm

This is not a toy. Children will need adult supervision during operation.

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