Crayola - Creativity Bus

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Experience the amazing world of colour with our Crayola Creativity Bus.  Our double-sided tiles introduce a new style of play using Magna-Tiles. Use the structured side to build the bus; then flip the tiles over to engage in hands on learning with our Doodle Tiles feature. You can now practice writing and counting numbers, colouring, or solving your own math equations.  Then wipe away your colours with a damp cloth and start all over again. Not only do children learn through colourful interactive play, they also develop essential skills in math, language arts and science.  

• Get ready for your child to have tons of fun creating works of art and developing STEAM and problem-solving skills as he or she plays.
• The Crayola Creativity Bus is compatible with all other Magna-Tiles Structures and original Magna-Tiles sets.
• This set contains 12 three inch square tiles, 1 three x six inch rectangle tile, 1 chassis and five Crayola ultra clean.
washable markers.
• Ages 3 years and up.

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