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Kitchen With Dishwasher

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Are you having your big family over for dinner soon? No worries. This contemporary kitchen in Sustainable Harvested Wood is fully equipped with a dishwasher, oven, sink, shelves, and an integrated cooker hood. Place some plates and cutleries in the dishwasher stand and put the tablet in the slot at the front. Turn the clicking button, and you're done. And there is a dish brush and soap for any tuff stains.
On the side, you'll find three hangers to put your dishtowel on. The dishwasher and the space under the oven can also be used as practical storage when you're done playing.

Includes - Kitchen with dishwasher, a towel, a dish brush, a baking plate, a liquid soap dispenser with pump function and two dishwasher tablets in a storage bag.

Made from - MDF, Poplar, Plywood, 100% Cotton. Water based paint.
Made of Sustainable Harvested Wood. EN71. CE marked.
Recommended Age - 3 Year Plus.
Height 58cm x Width 34cm x Length 60cm. Worktop height 50 cm.

Sustainable Harvested Wood and Made to Last

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