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Carl Larsson Pull Wagon Dark Red

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Wagons like this are commonly used at Carl and Karin Larsson's old home. Both today and when Karin and Carl lived there with their children. We wanted to make a similar wagon, but for your toys and dolls. The wagon is designed for indoor play and has rubber rims on the wheels. The front has rotating wheels and can be steered with a wooden stick. A fun way to pull your doll around when you're 3-6 years old. If you bring it outside for a stroll, make sure to protect it from rain and humidity and store it inside. Made of Sustainable Harvested Wood.

Made from - Plywood, Poplar, TPR. Water based paint.
Made of Sustainable Harvested Wood. EN71. CE marked.
Recommended Age - 2 Year Plus.
Height 52cm x Width 22.5cm x Length 45cm.

Made to Last and Sustainable Harvested Wood

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