Orange And Red Little Bikloon Balance Bike

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A real wooden balance bike ideal for helping children to learn how to maintain their balance and to more easily learn how to ride a bicycle without training wheels.
Inflatable tyres. Seat height adjustable from 32 to 35 cm. Balance bike in basswood plywood and standard painting. Rubber handles and PU seat.
Size - 70.0cm x 35.0cm x 50.5cm. Age - 2 Years Plus.

Janod is a French founded in 1970 brand specialising in the creation of traditional toys and games from wood and cardboard. It has stood the test of time by adapting to the needs of children discovering its toys for the first time, and the memories of their parents who have grown up with them.

Like the brand and its products, the company grows every year and contributes to maintaining a dynamic centre for economic activity in the Jura.

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