Arty Toys Ze Black Castel Figure

$76.00 $84.00

Ze Black Castle is a modular wooden structure that's perfect for playing with Arty Toys figurines. It comes complete with a working drawbridge and the tower is the perfect vantage point for watching out for approaching enemies, whose fate awaits them locked in the dungeon. The wooden panels can either be joined together with the plastic fastenings to form a castle, or left in one long line like ramparts.

Recommended Age - 4 Years Plus.

Dimensions - 35.0cm x 27.0cm x 47.0cm.


• 1 wooden castle to assemble.
• Wooden castle with working drawbridge.
• Adjustable shape: panels can either be closed to make a square or left in a line, rampart style.
• Easy, screw free assembly.
• Sustainable Harvested Wood.

Sustainable Harvested Wood and Made to Last

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