Build A Bear - The Bake Shop

£19.79 £21.99

What a sweet set. Bake up batches of fun with your Build-A-Bear Workshop furry friends in the Bakeshop Cub Condo made with Magna-Tiles. Mix in reusable clings for the perfect recipe of hours of fun and laughter.

• Connect to our other condo sets to create your own Build-A-Bear world.
• The Bakeshop Cub Condo is compatible with all other Magna-Tiles Structures and original Magna-Tiles sets.
• All pieces feature SuperColour technology on both sides.
• This set contains 7 three inch square tiles, 1 equilateral triangle tile and 2 sheets of reusable Build-A-Bear cling stickers.
• Ages 3 years and up.

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