Moulin Roty

Les Moustaches Connected Magic Lantern

£62.10 £69

This wireless lantern will accompany baby during their first nights and will reassure them when it's bedtime. Once lit, the musician cats from Les Moustaches collection appears to amaze your child. This lantern is also a star projector that illuminates the nursery. This night light soothes your child to music; it contains 4 pre-recorded lullabies. This magic lantern is connected and allows you to choose a lullaby from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Wireless, where baby goes, the lantern follows them! And if baby cries, the lantern automatically reactivates to help them go back to sleep. Rechargeable by USB cable.

Dimensions - 17 x 17 x 19 cm
Materials - Wood, Plastic
For ages 3 and up

Imagine, its 1972, and a group of 20 or so friends are searching for a common project that will provide both work and a certain way of life. The group decides to purchase an old mill that has fallen into ruins. They renovate the mill bit by bit so that their families can move in and live there together as a commune. The adventure begins with screen printing and craft items (lamps, jewellery, decorative items . . . )

Today, Moulin Roty represents over 40 years of dreams and softness. A multitude of characters and stories have punctuated the years.

Over 1.5 million products leave the company for destinations both near and far : France, neighbouring countries, the USA, Japan, Australia . . . and are sold throughout the world.


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