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Pavilion Tent Beige

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Play in the big pavilion tent where it is room for you and all of your friends. Roll up the sides and invite your friends to join you in the pavilion or take down all the sides for a complete house to play in. The playhouse tent is the small soft little cottage made for playing and hanging out.

Easy to assemble and to take apart again. Foldable and easy to carry around. Children love building cabins and creating their own little cosy den. They can amuse themselves for hours in there, with various role-plays involving cabin building and “nesting”. The more pillows, blankets, and cuddly toys they can cram in there, the cosier it becomes. In their imagination, their den can become anything - a playhouse, a shop, a library, or simply a cosy cabin. If it’s a rainy day, move the tent indoors to create a cosy outdoor feeling indoors.

Made from - 100% Cotton, Pinewood, Polypropylene.
Made of Sustainable Harvested Wood. EN71. CE marked.
Recommended Age - 2 Year Plus.
Height 142cm x Diameter 122cm.

Made to Last and Sustainable Harvested Wood

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