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Aiden Car Ferry

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Ship ahoy! The Aiden ferry boat is powered by the sun and therefore leaves no pollution in the sea. Captain Per gets so happy when the passengers enter the ferry to travel to the other side of the lake. He stands at the commando central, pushing the buttons for a smooth ride. The cars can enter both in the back and at the front of the boat. Pedestrian entry is at the side through a sliding door.

A round passage between the decks makes it easy for passengers to reach their cars. And if the ferry ever hits a rock, there is room for everybody in the lifeboat.

Includes - A car ferry with two cars, two passengers, a captain, a lifeboat, a loose slope to the passenger door.
The ferry has wheels under the bottom for a smooth ride, and everything is made from Sustainable Harvested Wood.

Made from - Plywood, Beech, Iron, Polypropylene. Water based paint.
Made of Sustainable Harvested Wood. EN71. CE marked.
Recommended Age - 3 Year Plus.
Height 27cm x Width 14.5cm x Length 30.5cm.

Made to Last and Sustainable Harvested Wood

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