My Magnetic Weekly Planner

$33.00 $37.00

Are you looking to organise your child’s week? This lovely wooden weekly calendar makes it easy. The many magnets make it easy to visualise the week’s activities to help your child to situate themselves in time. The 78 magnets in this set represent a variety of activities (nanny, school, birthday, pool, etc.) including 2 magnets with an erasable surface that you can customise with a drawing or phrase, 7 weather themed magnets, 3 magnets that you can customise with a photo and finally 1 magnet with a pretty fox face to indicate the day of the week.
This week at a glance agenda is ideal for helping children learning about time, while becoming independent in their everyday activities.

Size - 45.0cm x 0.5cm x 45.0cm. Age - 3 Years Plus.

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