Downtown - Cardboard Road Set

£19.75 £21.95

Build the city of your dreams! Downtown lets you create the perfect city to live, work and play in. A modern urban playground, with lots of green and space to ride and hike! Where cars make room for people on foot and on bikes. Create your city of the future with 20 unique road pieces.

Made from recycled cardboard and designed for indoor use. Downtown is fully compatible with our flexible toy roads. Image, create, play! An awesome, affordable extension and fun variation.

20 extended road segments, custom city striping in bright green and fully compatible with the waytoplay flexible toy road. Created for indoor play: feel free to doodle on the back!

Contains - 8 straights, 4 large squares, 4 T-crossings, and 4 semi-circle road endings / dead ends. 334cm in total length.

• Made from recycled cardboard.
• Encourages imaginative play.
• Great to combine with other toys.

Recycled Materials

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