Navy Loto Fishing Game

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A fun game of chance...using fishing rods. Each player has a card showing which little fish they need to catch. The fish, all with different colours and numbers, are placed face down inside the box. When they catch a fish that is shown on their card, players must shout Bingo. The first to catch all the fish shown on their card wins the game. Navy loto is an introduction to chance games that little ones will love.

Recommended Age - 3 Years Plus.

• Contains - 24 fish (wood and metal), 1 fishing rod (wood, string, plastic, magnet), 6 cards (thin card), 1 decorative box.
• An inventive game of chance where children get to go fishing.
• 6 cards to play with - 3 number cards and 3 colour cards.
• Teaches children to recognise numbers and colours.
• Develops dexterity.
• Sustainable Harvested Wood.

Sustainable Harvested Wood

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