Luigi Pizza Restaurant

£18.89 £20.99

Luigi Pizza role play game where children can run their own pizza restaurant. Make pizzas by choosing toppings from the menu, and use the spatula to put them in the oven. Add a drizzle of olive oil and some basil, and... ta da. All that’s left to do is enjoy them. Yum.

Recommended Age - 3 Years Plus.

• Contains - 2 plastic pizzas, 1 metal spatula, 19 wood and felt accessories, 1 wooden box.
• Turn it over, and the box becomes an oven and assembly area.
• All accessories can be stored in the box.
• An extra wooden card guides the game.
• A role play game so little ones can have fun being grown ups.
• Solid wooden box that’s colourful and easy to store.

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