Bamboo Melamine
4 pcs Dinner Set

£23.99 £31.99

The gift box contains four products: two plates, one flat and one with three compartments, and a bowl and cup. The cup has a removable silicone grip, making it easier for the child to hold. The children’s tableware features illustrations of wild animals, including Lee the lion, Finley the elephant and Ali the alligator. Eating set made of 70% biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials, including bamboo fibre and corn starch. The binding material melamine resin is added to these natural materials to make them stick together. The eating set feels and looks more natural, and because natural materials like bamboo may vary in colour, the overall look may differ from set to set. The material is free of PCP, formaldehyde, phthalate and BPA and complies with the REACH Regulation (European regulation), LFGB-standard (German regulation) and has been approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. All parts are dishwasher-proof.

WARNING! Only use the product under adult supervision. Check the product before each use. Discard at the first sign of damage or wear. The product may break if dropped. Always check the food temperature before serving.

Sebra Interior is subject to inspection by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration as it sells plates, bowls, cups and cutlery – all known as food contact materials. Sebra Interior currently has the best possible Danish stamp of quality in terms of food safety, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration’s ‘Elite Smiley’, which is only achieved by prolonged compliance with European and Danish food safety rules – something that is tested and checked by multiple announced and unannounced inspections. These inspections have each demonstrated that Sebra Interior meets the approved standards.

Sebra Interior is Danish design founded in 2004 by Mia Dela. They design quality furniture, textiles, toys and accessories for children, for their rooms and surroundings.

Mia left Kolding School of Design in Denmark in 2001 as a trained designer. Mia then worked for several years as a designer.

She became mother for the first time in late 2002. During this period, she started to decorate a room for her son Gustav. She did not find any children interior collections on the market that were to her liking in quality and design. So Sebra was born.

Sebra Interiør is about modern design and an innovative choice of colours, combined with old kinds of hand crafts such as crocheting and knitting. A large part of the collection is handmade and of natural materials such as wood and cotton.

Safety and quality are of very high importance for Sebra.

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